ES 2016: Toledo

23-24/OCT/2016 – the 2nd and 3rd day of our Spain 2016 round trip

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Words and pictures

Sunday Full day in Toledo. Walking about more or less randomly but enthusiastically and with open eyes. We visited beautiful San Juan de los Reyes, church and monastery before heading for our apartment. All in all a very exciting and enjoyable day, despite all the day-tourists who sometimes overcrowded the narrow streets. All on their way to one of the major sights of Toledo, equipped with selfie-sticks and/or umbrellas. There was grey weather with frequent periods of rain. There were a few moments of sun. No problemo.

09:00, soon ready for a full day of Toledo…
…with rain (in acceptable amounts)
Christina Iglesias: Tres Aguas at Plaza del Ayuntamiento (photo: Inger Hansson)
San Juan de los Reyes

Several more pictures from day 2 and in larger resolution

We have dinner at the local Spanish/Colombian restaurant, “El Gustazo Asador Pollos Platos Preparados”. A great experience with tasty homemade food served without any pretentions at all. The screening of an old Bruce Lee movie on a small TV added to the mood of the moment. That we liked the food is proven by the fact that had dinner there once again, on the last evening of our stay in Toledo.

Monday Another full day in Toledo with less rain than the previous day. We visit the Cathedral, impressive of course and the photos we shoot don’t make it justice. Good lunch at Café Delfín. I Mount the roof of the Jesuit church and am rewarded by great views of Toledo and surroundings. We again have an enjoyable day.

View from north (Paseo de Sisebuto)
Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo
Views from Iglesia de los Jesuitas San Ildefonso
Calle Real del Arrabal

Several more pictures from day 3 and in higher resolution

We learned that restaurant food is never served before 21.00. We actually knew but now we also understood.

Plaza Zocodover
Bomba Trebol


San Juan de los Reyes

Iglesia de los Jesuitas

Iglesia de Santo Tomé

Cristina Iglesias, Tres Aguas

“Toledo’s foulest fountain”

“With love from Spain”

Utzon Center in Aalborg shows until Jan 2 2022 the exhibition ‘With Love From Spain’.

The exhibition, With Love From Spain will introduce you to 11 Spanish architects and architecture firms, and their love of some our great Scandinavian architects and designers. They include the likes of Arne Jacobsen and Jørn Utzon.

A good summary of the exhibition is found on ArchDaily which also provides a link to an extensive information leaflet.

The exhibition With Love from Spain in Aalborg, Denmark, is a collaboration between Utzon Center and the Aarhus School of Architecture. It is based on the research project ‘Escandinavia – Architectural dialogues between Denmark and Spain’, which investigates the fortunate parallelisms, influences and translations between Nordic and Spanish architectural cultures. The origin of this long-term affinity is to be found in the significant interest that Spanish architects had in Nordic architecture, extensively focused on its Modern Masters: Alvar Aalto, Erik Gunnar Asplund, Sigurd Lewerentz, Sverre Fehn, Arne Jacobsen, and Jørn Utzon.

For convenience I have added links below, to the participants and the displayed projects. At the end some pictures of mine from the visit to the exhibition.

Participating architects and practices

(1) Aulets Arquitectes

(2) BAAS Arquitectura

(3) Carles Oliver

(4) Harquitectes

(5) Javier García-Solera Vera

(6) Linazasoro & Sanchez Arquitectura

(7) Luis Martínez Santa Maria

(8) Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

(9) Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos

(10 Tabuenca & Leache Arquitectos

(11) TEd´A Arquitectes

Projects on display

Arimunami school, Mallorca ( 1 ) ( (school)

Study for the painter Damia Jaume, Mallorca ( 1 )

Municipal archives, Mallorca ( 1 )

Museu Can Framis, Barcelona ( 2 ) (Museum)

Life Reusing Posidonia, Formentera ( 3 ) (Archdaily) (EUMiesAward)

Casa 1014, Granollers ( 4 ) (Archdaily)

Casa 1413, Girona ( 4 ) (Archdaily)

Lecture Hall 3, University of Alicante ( 5 ) (EUMiesAward) (Arquitecturaviva)

Extension of San Lorenzo Church, Valdemaqueda, Madrid ( 6 )

Cultural centre of the Piarists, Lavapiés, Madrid ( 6 )

Social housing, Mocejón ( 7 ) (review)

Caja de arquitectos, Madrid ( 7 )

Museo San Telmo, San Sebastian ( 8 ) (Museum)

Ceuta public library ( 9 ) (Archdaily)

Villa Romana La Olmeda, Palencia ( 9 ) (Museum)

Iglesia y centro parroquial San Jorge, Pamplona ( 10 ) (book)

The Condestable’s House, Pamplona ( 10 ) (Archdaily)

Jaime and Isabelle’s Home ( 11 )

My impressions

(i.e. from the exhibition)

Utzon Center 14/Aug/2021
painting: Damià Jaume Guardiola


ES 2016: to Toledo

22/OCT/2016 – The first day of our Spain 2016 round trip

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Words and pictures

We landed at Madrid-Barajas Airport [Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas], picked up a C3 Picasso and went off on the highway. Arrival in Toledo was not without complications. Got a lucky parking space near our hotel [Apartamentos de los Reyes, Calle Perala 3]. An OK little apartment with a small kitchen. We were however excited and cast ourselves out in the busy Toledo Saturday evening. Tonight’s dinner was picked from a mexican take-away (tako-away) near the scenic view platform “paseo del miradero”. We had the tacos and stuff on a park bench at the miradero. Looking foward to begin exploring the town next day.

Below pictures and more are available on my SmugMug in higher resolution

on the A42
First climbs. The apartment is down there. Some more climbing until we get to the miradero…
Near paseo del miradero
screenshot from Google Maps Aug 2021