Light & Space

Lita Albuquerque / Susan Kaiser Vogel

Step into a world of light, colour, and gigantic installations in Light & Space, when CC for the first time in Europe brings together a rich array of art-world luminaries in an expansive 5,000 m2 exhibition on the American art movement known as Light and Space.

Copenhagen Contemporary

03/DEC/2021 – 04/SEP/2022

Visited 23/JAN/2022 [100% wonderful but an overload, almost, for our old senses. We need to return another time to see the installations we missed the first time.]

Helen Pashgian
Ann-Veronica Janssens


Lita Albuquerque
Peter Alexander
Larry Bell
Judy Chicago
Ron Cooper
Mary Corse
Olafur Eliasson
Fred Eversley
Laddie John Dill
Ann Linn Palm Hansen
Jeppe Hein
Robert Irwin
Ann-Veronica Janssens
Anish Kapoor
Craig Kauffman
John McCracken
Bruce Nauman
Eric Orr
Helen Pashgian
Karin Sander
James Turrell
De Wain Valentine
Susan Kaiser Vogel
Doug Wheeler
Connie Zehr
Elyn Zimmerman

Elyn Zimmerman

By thohagstrom

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